Must Watch: InVision Design Talks Series

Talks to Check Out on Design, Consulting, and More


Some resources to help ensure success in my pursuit to:

  • Be able to design interactive experiences without support from a UX designer
  • Provide support and subject matter expertise in motion design
  • Documentation exists on InVision and Craft best practices
  • Documentation on best practices for design handoffs
  • Get involved with the Design Systems product team

Check out all of the available talks and webinars from InVision

DesignTalk Ep. 65: Design systems—Zero to one

In this DesignTalk, Paul Farino discusses the lifecycle and iterative nature of building a design system. He’ll cover creating buy-in with internal stakeholders and tactical ways to scale and maintain a design system.


DesignTalk Ep. 63: Designing beyond just the design team

In this DesignTalk, Richard shares 2 very different contexts to examine their impact and the opportunities they present to design. You'll hear through his experience how designers best respond, and how—with the help of smart research—designers can choose intelligently how and where to pitch their efforts and maximize value regardless of scale.


DesignTalk Ep. 55: How to become a UX consultant

In this DesignTalk, Uday Gajendar shares his firsthand lessons and insights for those seeking to expand their repertoire into the realm of UX consulting. Whether you’re a newbie venturing on your own, a corporate design veteran striving to branch out with full autonomy, or an in-house designer looking to champion UX internally, this talk will offer valuable battle-tested tips.

DesignTalk Ep. 67: UX leadership—Everyone is a designer

During this DesignTalk, Jonathan Wheeler will teach you how to move beyond frustration and lead your team to become the high-performing group they’re meant to be. Jonathan will convince you that everyone is a designer in their own way, and he’ll share ways to engage non-designers in the design process.

Webinar - The human-first principles for mobile success with SC Moatti

Indispensable business knowledge for designers with Jane Portman

Done is better than perfect with Brad Weaver

5 years of lean UX with Jeff Gothelf