The Bose automotive hub

The challenge in designing the Bose Automotive homepage was to give it a distinct visual style while still feeling like part of the overall Bose brand. A dark, restrained palette gives the brand a sophisticated feel. However, the friendly, intriguing imagery and video invites the audience to explore more. The hub includes an interactive tool to help users find automobiles that feature Bose audio and provides links to microsites that focus on three other Bose Automotive lines.  


Performance Series: Desktop Experience

The Performance Series microsite uses full screen video to pull the viewer in. Bose Audio designs premier sound systems for a wide range of vehicles. Our task was to drive greater online visibility for the brand among auto manufacturers and car enthusiasts. The global Bose Automotive site was intended to house four lines of car sound systems - each hitting a very different customer demographic - from college age buyers with their first 'big kid' car to top-of-the-line Cadillac systems for professionals at the other end of the financial spectrum. The global automotive site and the performance series site both evoke the exhilarating and relatable sensation of dissolving into your favorite song in your hard-earned car. The performance series utilized a photoset from the American and European demographic character videos, incorporating unconventional video masking to create a distinctive and engaging video display.  


All work done was completed under the title of art director at CommCreative > (Commonwealth Creative Associates) and rights belong to Bose Automotive