lindsey daniels

founder | executive creative directoR |  ART DIRECTOR | EXPERIENCE DESIGNER

Multi-faceted Designer and Art Director with a truly integrated and broad background; most recently focused on User Experience design solutions for our ever-more digital world. 

I take pride in an extensive Advertising & Marketing background as an Art Director and Senior designer across a multitude of brands and industries in (B2B and B2C) in both an agency and in-house settings. 

I strive to create smart and stunning concepts, brand identities and generally solve problems for my clients, while managing creative teams on print, digital, environmental, eCommerce, and user experience projects.

Lindsey Daniels, creator of LIGHTDARK loves working in dark, controversial, heavy, deep, psychologically or socially rich subject matter, but believes that those concepts don’t have to be rammed down one’s throat to get the message across. LIGHTDARK distills down those heavy topics to find a subtle, concise element within the overlying theme which makes the content less intimidating and more accessible for the audience. This is the origin of the agency name--the light/dark paradox--the process of finding light in a dark topic. This mindset was the inspiration behind the logomark, where the L (light) and the D (dark) (conveniently Lindsey's initials) join to become one unit, separated by a small division; showing the balance between representation and perception.