Lyra 402: Doubles for Intermediate/Advanced Levels

stacking and mirroring

Stacked Moves are one of our favourites! They describe when each partner performers the same trick or move – one stacked directly on top of the other. This could be on the top bar, using the strop or span set, or both using alternate side bars of the hoop. Moves can be in the same direction or in opposing directions each time creating a pleasing synchronicity – stacking bodies one on top of the other. 

For the purposes of this book, ‘Mirrored Moves’ are any moves that offer a mirrored effect either on the horizontal or vertical axis of the hoop. Both partners will be performing different moves, one upright and one upside down, that both result in the same body shape creating a mirror image on the hoop.

Source: The Ultimate Doubles Hoop Bible: Page 33, 51 > 
*A double point lyra is recommended for most of these moves

Core moves: birds nest, seat on top bar, layback, lion in a tree, gazelle, straddle back, arrow, chandelier, pike, double knee hang

flying duos: foot holds and partner weight distribution

The final ‘Flying Duo’ chapter offers the more progressive and challenging base positions. Again, both partners will have some contact with the hoop but there will be a clear ‘base’ and ‘flyer’ relationship in all of these poses with one partner carrying the majority of the body weight from a range of more complex positions such as a Gazelle and a Front Balance.

Source: The Ultimate Doubles Hoop Bible: Page 136 >
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suspension and anchor moves (base/flyer)

The first of our ‘Flying Solo’ chapters will show you a range of moves where only one partner has contact with the hoop and is hanging or ‘dangling’ the other partner. This chapter begins all variations of the core base position, a hoop seat.

Following on, our second ‘Flying Solo’ chapter again focusses on positions where only one partner has contact with the hoop but moves onto more progressive or challenging basing positions including the Thigh Hold and the Double Hocks Hang.

Source: The Ultimate Doubles Hoop Bible: Page 103, 113 > 

hip holds & mirroring

mirrored jack-knife in the hoop