Lyra 304: Intermediate/Advanced - Double Point Focus

1. Ankle Hang on Double Point

Here's a great classic: an ankle hang in the ropes on a double tabbed hoop. This ankle hang is one of the most comfortable ankle hangs out there, in my opinion. I normally don't like hanging by my ankles, but I like this one.

I love this one. The sad part is that I mostly perform on single point, so I rarely get to perform these moves. I was so happy getting to perform them for these videos!  Reference: The Aerial Hoop Manual vol. 2.

This one is only for those with nice limber backs and shoulders. Getting in and out is more torquey on the shoulders than actually being in the position. Keep that in mind!

I have placed this move in the int category due to the level of attention to detail required. It is altogether too easy to flip the hoop up the wrong direction, or place the hands in the wrong placement. Incorrect placement can potentially lead to disastrous consequences. (I know because I did this once! Almost got a face full of hoop. It was very scary.)  Always place the hoop low when first learning. However, the danger comes from forgetting. Practice often and practice with understanding to minimize the chance for getting it wrong in the future. This is good safety advice no matter what move you are doing!

4. Exploration

This video shows a (somewhat unpolished) exploration of some moves that we call stag and cuddle as applied to the top of a double tabbed hoop. Both names come from their equivalent counterparts on the bottom bar of the hoop. Cuddle is where both legs are folding over hoop like your sleeping in the hoop. Stag involves a unique placement of the sit bone on the bar. It isn't quite the same as the variation on the bottom bar, but it shares similarities.

Screen Shot 2018-02-19 at 12.06.18 PM.png

Flag is a universally recognized aerial move. The full blown flag is completely horizontal, but this is only feasible on apparatuses that don't move (like pole). The flag position therefore morphs to fit the apparatus. Here, we demo the flag with a variety of options including double point, single point and with a hand loop.

6. gazelle rotation down & cat scratch variation

The gazelle rotation down is a beg/intermediate transition. It can be used at the end of a beginning course if your beginners are comfortable with the gazelle transition on the bottom bar (the one that takes you into half hip hang). The gazelle rotation down from the top bar acts very much in the same way. The toughest part is the torso twist at the beginning to set up the hands int he correct position. If this is set up correctly (and it is crucial that it is), then you can proceed with the rest of the rotation.

For more on the cat scratch variation, reference The Aerial Hoop Manual Vol. 2.