Lyra 305: 2018 Advanced Move Wishlist

2018 Wishlist: Transitions & Dynamic Moves for Sky High Studios, Level 2

1. Transition into single hip hang

This move is one of those rolly over the hippy moves that I love, but its certainly not for everyone. I like the weaving sort of moves and this is one of those. This is also a great precursor to my scorpion move, which transitions into this pose. It also teaches you how to set up the hoop properly on the hip for the scorpion.

2. Drop into hip hang (review)


This move definitely requires a spotter and coach to learn. It looks easy, but it is also easy to get some nasty bruises. Thankfully, it's pretty hard to mess up completely. Most people - even if they don't know where they are headed- will land on the hoop, but the goal is to land on the hoop at the right spot on the hips, not squish the hands, and have control of the landing.

3. Backwards lion roll (review/revisit)

If you get into the start position for this move, you may wonder and be amazed that anyone ever thought to roll backwards in this way. It seems impossible, and it very nearly is in some ways. It requires a very high level of shoulder articulation and flexibility. For that reason, this is a high risk move. It must be done with a spotter and only with properly warmed up shoulders. Only even think of attempting this move if you have a high amount of shoulder flexibility. Good luck!

4. Icarus (figure out/breadown) 

5. Around the World (regularly revisit. went over 2/5)

Around the world (outside of hoop): This move can be harder than it appears. Although many with a knack for hoop will likely pick it right up. The trick is staying lifted throughout the rotation around the outside of the hoop. Keep watching till the end of the video for variations. 

5a. Around the World into Splits (went over 2/5)

I learned this move from a beautiful aerialist that I used to tour with. You might know her from Duo Resonance (America's Got Talent). Her name is Nina and she makes this move look much more easy than I can make it look. This is definitely a tough one.

6. Corkscrew Transition into Hoop (review again on both points, started 2/5)

This is a lovely intermediate transition that takes you from standing on the bottom bar, down the side of the hoop and down into a variety of ending positions on the bottom bar. I love the flow of this move. It can be tricky to make smooth, and watch out for burns at the back of the shoulder blade, but it's worth it!

7. Elbow Rolls