Lyra 201: Intermediate (Level 1/2) Class Program


Warm Ups

Bear crawls or inch worms: down the room and back. Stand with the feet together, place hands on the floor, walk hands out into plank, pushup, then walk feet to hands with straight knees.

Ab series: 20 crunches, 20 bicycle crunches to the left, 20 bicycle crunches to the right, 20 flutter kicks.

Superman on the floor series:  10 raising arms only, 10 raising legs only, 10 raising arms and legs. 

Hoop conditioning

10 butt squeezes: from double knee hang, clench the glutes and release

 15 shoulder shrugs: Hands slightly wider than shoulders, roll the scapula down without bending the elbows or sticking the chest out.

10 Assisted pull up: Sitting in the hoop, pull up so the chin passes the top bar.

10/10/10 Leg Raises: Hanging from the hoop, 10 knee to chest raises in the center, 10 to the left, and 10 to the right.

10 Crunch Beats: From a double knee hang, swing slightly and engage the core to tap the knees to prep for beats.


Dynamic Motion Moves

  • Beats: Under the bar and from the top bar.
  • Illusions: From the top bar, front of hoop to behind the hoop.
  • Skin the cat: Rolling through pike, bringing the butt past the elbows, and returning.



Mounts & Transitional Moves